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Everything You Need to Know About the Tea Dress

Everything You Need to Know About the Tea Dress

A tea dress is a traditional dress which has a hemline that falls midway between the knee and ankles. Around since the 1800s, tea dresses were originally worn by ladies attending or hosting social gatherings, but this style of dress was later viewed as inappropriate and so only worn at private functions.

Modern Day Tea Dresses

Everything You Need to Know About the Tea Dress

Tea dresses have seen a recent surge in popularity, and today’s designs come in colourful prints and fabrics and in many different styles. But the design still features the below-the-knee hem line, although in recent years this is slightly shorter than the original design.

One of the reasons tea dresses have remained popular is their flattering design, which comes in at the waist and then has a skater-style skirt. Most traditional designs come with sleeves, and so whatever your body shape, a tea dress can look good and make you feel great.

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Tea dresses can be worn for all types of occasion, including work, casual, socialising and even to events such as a summer wedding. Although traditionally worn during the day, many are also worn to evening events and can provide the perfect look for a night out or even a prom or party. Go for a bold colour and pair with some glamorous accessories and heeled shoes.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who always looks stylish, is an expert at selecting the right dress for the occasion. She was seen recently shunning the royal box at the Wimbledon Tennis championships and instead chose to support up and coming British player Harriet Dart.


Depending on the occasion and your personal taste, pairing a tea dress with pumps or fashion trainers can look very chic and retro, or an alternative is to wear yours with heels and some bold jewellery.

All Seasons

Although traditionally worn in the summer, a tea dress can just as easily be worn in the colder months with tights and a cardigan, giving the perfect vintage look.

For a festival look, tea dresses can be worn with baggy knitwear and boots and with hair loose and natural.

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