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Greater Supports with the Finer Rates in Crypto Trading

Greater Supports with the Finer Rates in Crypto Trading

Surcharge, costs that are charged extra for a transaction during a transaction. Similar to bank charges. Let us now take a look at what the XTR gate  trading blog offers.


Fear Of Missing Out; fear that you will not be able to make a profit because you have not bought the coin (or are too expensive) or regret it.


Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (Anxiety, uncertainty and doubt). Investors who are uncertain about the potential of a situation, or who want to undermine a coin, spread false / incorrect messages, also known as fuds.


Compensation for transferring coins from one ethereum wallet to the other. The more Gas or Gwei you pay, the faster the transfer is complete. If you pay too little: it can take just 1 or more days.


Indeed, hodl and not hold; so it is not tiepvaud. At least not mine! If you are advised to hodle the coin, this does indeed mean the same as holden; this advice usually comes if the currency in question has the potential to increase in value in the long term.

Where does hodl come from? Someone made the mistake in 2013 on a Bitcoin forum to create a message titled “I AM HODLING”. This erroneous spelling started to lead a life of its own, but it soon came down to having to hold a coin because of expected potential growth.

Greater Supports with the Finer Rates in Crypto Trading


Initial Coin Offering is a (pre) sale of a new coin. The coin is often offered at a fairly low rate and when the coin actually becomes available, the value will generally have a higher value. How much higher this is always the question. With some coins this can be predicted somewhat, with others it is totally impossible. However, most of the time the coin will increase in value as soon as it becomes available, so the value of your purchase will also increase at such a time.

New coins are brought onto the market with the idea of ​​Crowdfunding: the party behind the coin obtains capital through the sale to develop the product (further). The coins then represent a kind of mini-share.

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