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The Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Face

The Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Face

¬†If you have a perception that everyone can kill it with a pair of wayfarers, then you need to check out the other styles that are currently ruling the market. Whether you like the drama created by oversized glasses or the nostalgia that is brought about by the micro-mini frames, maybe you are in love with the classics – aviators and cat-eye and can’t seem to part your ways with them. The world of fashion will always have sunglasses that flatter the shape of your face, but that surely doesn’t mean your shopping for sunglasses should come to an end. However, if you’re keen to find out whether oval, square, round, or rectangular frames are fit for your face, then you must find out which frames suit your face the best.

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For those with a heart-shaped face:

According to experts, those with a triangular-shaped face need sunglasses that will broaden their jawline and attract attention downward to elongate features. Bottom heavy frames are perfect for those with a narrow chin and broad brow. The sloping silhouette of aviators contrasts with the v-shaped chin.

For square-shaped face:

Neutral and tortoise tones will help to subtly frame and soften the face while sunglasses with a magnificently warm amber tint on it will deliver a retro and cool look. Try to soften the features of your face with curvy frames; this includes either a rectangular or oval pair with soft, rounded edges. Modern cat-eye style sunglasses that curve downwards have the power to balance your angles. If you want to go for a statement accessory, then choose a butterfly-shaped frame.

For round shaped faces:

From elongating your face to drawing the attention upwards and balancing your round features – rectangular sunglasses are definitely the choice for you. Choose a style that comes with a bar which will rest over your brows. It will give the wearer an attractive, defined shape. You can even go for the classic cat-eye that comes with sweeping angles. If you choose sunglasses that are way too oversized, it will end up overpowering the perfect circle that is your face.

For oval-shaped face:

Those with an oval-shaped face have the luxury to choose eyewear of their choice. The power to wear whatever it is that you please a bonus that you can’t overlook. However, according to experts, it will be best if you stay away from sunglasses that are a perfect circle. It won’t elongate the shape of your face. For a more creative choice, pick sunglasses that comes with a stunning brow bar.

For Diamond Shaped Face:

You’re definitely the lucky one. The wide range of choices that you have when it comes to sunglasses with blow your mind. From oversized shades to the classic John Lennon style glasses – you can gracefully wear it all.

Keep in mind the words of an expert before you shop for sunglasses.

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